Welcome to The Piccolo Group.
Our mission is to prove flooring isn’t boring!

While flooring is often taken for granted in every day life, it plays an important role in homes, offices, bars, restaurants, cinemas, and pretty much everywhere you go.

With this in mind, at The Piccolo Group, we believe floors should not only be functional but also have the ‘WOW-factor’!

We work in partnership with some of the world’s leading flooring manufacturers to develop high-quality products and systems which are designed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing and more demanding world.

We are a small team of people, each of whom are expert within their field, which enables us to provide an efficient, yet personal service to our customers.

The unique combination of years of experience mixed with youthful creativity allows us to offer superior floors suitable for the modern era.

We aim to offer the latest in LVT innovation and technology, ensuring our customers are ahead of their competitors in terms of knowledge and product offering.

The Piccolo Group
Proving flooring isn’t boring